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08 June 2017
Scaled Completes Tow Test of World’s Largest Composite Aircraft, Stratolaunch

Scaled is excited to announce that the Stratolaunch aircraft was towed outside today for the very first time to begin the ground test phase. The aircraft has a wingspan of 385 feet and is the largest composite aircraft ever built. A Scaled team of 300 engineers and fabricators designed, built, and hand assembled the twin fuselage vehicle as an air launch platform with a payload capacity of about 550,000 pounds. This significant milestone in the project’s history brings the aircraft into the test phase and one step closer to first flight.

Program Director, Joe Ruddy, said that the Scaled test team successfully met all test objectives. A rollout of 270 feet and a return to the hangar was performed with two tugs. After the test debrief, the aircraft was pulled back out of the hangar at the end of the day and put into position for the upcoming fuel test series. We are excited to enter this test phase and thank Stratolaunch for their support.

Scaled Composites, a Northrop Grumman Corporation subsidiary, is a specialty aerospace and composites development company with broad experience in air vehicle design, tooling and manufacturing, specialty composites structure design, analysis and fabrication, and developmental flight test of air and space vehicles

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