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08 September 2017
Innovative Vision Driven Laser Technology Debuts at China Composites Expo for APAC Region

Virtek brings its latest advancement to the Asia-Pacific region for the composites and aerospace industry segments. The new Virtek® Iris™ 3D with the Vision Positioning System (VPS) is now available to purchase.  Visit Virtek at the China Composites Expo, stand #1125 where our local sales, service, and partner representatives will welcome you with a special demonstration of the new vision system.

Virtek's VPS is the latest addition to the Iris product line. This vision system delivers a new ease of use for composite material and carbon fiber placement. The system will help eliminate costly delays with alignment and set up during composite placement. Iris 3D and the vision system is ideal for ply layup, assembly and part placement.

"The new vision integration with laser projection technology has proven to dramatically improve process efficiency in the composite and aerospace markets," said Sean Francoz, senior product manager at Virtek. "This technology is well suited for aerospace manufacturing and is able to move between applications with its flexible set up and portability."

VPS introduces a new feature called FlashAlign™, which eliminates manual target alignment. The speed, robustness and intelligence of the technology enables flawless assembly, decreasing overall set-up time. "With every alignment, we could save more than 1 minute with FlashAlign. We no longer need to re-align before inspecting every ply. There are 100s of plies in every ship set and this savings is huge for us," said a valued Virtek customer.

The new smaller, faster scanning system, available for a variety of assembly applications, is now portable and much easier to maintain. This next generation technology is breaking the laser barrier in the industry and extends Virtek's already leading-edge technology with a software platform that supports both targeted and targetless applications, helping to accelerate the aerospace assembly process by eliminating templates, manual measurements and helps reduce human error while increasing quality throughout the manufacturing process.

"We are excited to be offering such a unique solution into the Asia Pacific region. Iris 3D and the Vision Positioning System are the first in a series of new product technology introductions," stated Todd Rhodes, Virtek's vice president and general manager. "These new innovations are also backed by our growing local service team that helps our customers install, train and utilize Virtek's flexible vision systems."

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