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10 May 2018
4M Carbon Fiber Corp announces new team members

The 4M team continues to position for successful commercialization and add quality to the team. On May 7, Anderson Little and Jonathan Ford officially became full-time employees of 4M Carbon Fiber Corp, moving over from our technology partner, RMX Technologies, LLC.

Jonathan is the 4M Project Manager for the Product Demonstration Line, which will be the first commercial-scale carbon fiber conversion line to utilize 4M’s patented Atmospheric Plasma Oxidation technology to produce carbon fiber and oxidized PAN fiber. He joined the RMX team in 2014 as a Design Engineer and has taken on additional technical and management roles the past few years as he transitions into Project Management. Jonathan has been heavily involved in the development of the technology and is excited to be part of the first commercial application of the process. With a background in Aerospace Engineering, he brings important technical and leadership capabilities to the team. When asked about Jonathan, Rodney Grubb said, “In working with Jonathan for the past few years, I know him to be smart, organized, detail-oriented, and a team player. Key attributes to the team we are building.“

Anderson is the 4M PM for the fiber validation efforts and is heavily involved in investor and community relations. She grew up in Greenville, South Carolina and went to college to be a mechanical engineer. Before coming to RMX and 4M she was the Sales Manager for Technical and Environmental Services working with oil and gas clients around the globe. Her 25-year career has seen her in leadership roles in various industries. When asked about her contributions thus far, Rodney Grubb said “Anderson is process focused, organized, and smart. She has been instrumental in defining and implementing some important processes as we started up 4M. Her ability to develop and manage relationships with our technology partners, investors, and vendors has been an important part of getting us successfully to this point.“

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