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08 November 2018
The industry enters a carbon age with graphene nanotubes

Experts fromBYK Additives, LANXESS, Elkem Silicones, Rice University, Nagase ChemteX, Prysmian Group, BAK Power Battery, KraussMaffei, CRH, Lehmann & Voss, DAIKIN, Fraunhofer, and Kusumoto Chemicals were among distinguished executives, researchers, and experts who shared their experience over the two-day event, touching on various applications for grapheme nanotubes to enhance materials. Summit participants networked with industry pioneers, learned from experts, and explored market applications for grapheme  nanotubes, also known as single wall carbon nanotubes.

Competition is fierce in the world’s largest developed markets, and manufacturers are constantly searching for the most innovative technologies to boost their materials’ performance. Graphene nanotubes provide the solution for many companies as they develop next-generation products. “We have to think in new ways about size, properties, and possibilities with nanomaterials,” said Dr. Martin Wildemann, research scientist at Lehmann & Voss & Co, whendiscussing advanced techniques in processing nanomaterials. Calling this a “Nano Wonderland,” he shared ways to bring the unique additive into the real world in developing products for the market.

The rising complexity of the overall market forces manufacturers to be agile and innovative in order to be competitive. Strong potential for new business is provided by single wall carbon nanotubes, as it was stated by IvicaKolaric, General Manager Business Unit Process Industries, Fraunhofer IPA.

“Carbon nanotube products are a special and unique material,” said BrunaCalza, global product manager of LANXESS. “We benefit from their extraordinary electrical conductivity and mechanical enhancement, which motivated us to develop materials using them. Carbon nanotubes mean innovation, and we are constantly putting our efforts in these materials because they are the future of our business.”

NAUM 2018 concluded on a high note, as participants headed to their homes across the globe knowing they’d been a part of something special. Their work on expanding nanotechnology to additional industries is creating value for people the world over. “I believe there will be more applications of nanoaugmented products that take advantage of essential grapheme  nanotube benefits. The only limit is our imagination,” said Dr.Dechun Fu, Managing Director, BYK Additives, Shanghai.

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